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42 years Sydney

อิธะคะมะ Diploma Remedial Therapy Sydney

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10 years of experience Stretching back--Cracking by Thai traditional

By Ts.booking in advance essential

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Zoro Four zero six five zero eight eight seven zero

Offering The remedial massage area gets sore muscles ( you'll get better of sore )

For the Office Syndrome Relief Massage,

I will be delivering long stretches of kneading around the back, neck, and shoulders.

The result will help reduce soreness and alleviate the stress points around the spine

and might some a person have to Scrub the back of the body To the hip area to get rid of orphaned skin and acne restore the skin to good skin health and relax the muscles relieving muscle aches, ligaments, and tendons to be sparse

Also have had a steam sauna / Hot stones

Services depend on mood and situations on the bed Between the reaction of each other

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