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34 years Canberra

Max Rapture - 30's straight male M4W (male-for-female) escort for Canberra region

About me

If you do what you love for work, you'll never work a day in your life, so here I am. Canberra based, early 30's, straight male escort; the bedroom Berzerker, I aim to please and never miss! 🎯

I'm fresh in the industry but very experienced and adventurous in the bedroom, sensual and sexual pleasure is my forte and my stamina and prowess is my selling point. I have few inhibitions and as my mother always said "no shame". Let me wrap you up in my big warm arms and take you where you wish to be. I am a safe and private space for the exploration of one's desires or liberation from one's sexual trauma. Kind and empathetic, patience and understanding; one of my strengths.

The world is full of people sporting a big smile, but the smile is lacking in their eyes. They are consumed by a sense of inadequacy, that feeling that something is missing, they are yearning for something. I am very astute in recognizing that which pains people or makes them feel empty, and seek to discover the remedy. I see no weakness in vulnerability and sensitivity and I'm not afraid to show it. I feel blessed that a lot of people find me approachable with their feelings, which makes me strive to remain worthy of their trust.

I am a broad built endomorph body type with light padding and generous proportions. A big nerd at heart with a rugged hippie exterior. Fit into almost any social arrangement while breaking almost every mould. I take a lot of pride in being the unique commodity that is me, and hope you feel inclined to indulge in experiencing it. I'm a hyper-sexual, cheeky, fun-loving intellectual, with a keen interest in history, politics, geopolitics, philosophy (logic and informal fallacies), cooking, art and music. Yet to find a conversation I can't bring value to and I'm always seeking to better understand from the perspectives of others.

My services range from an informal meet-and-greet, formal occasions and chaperone, to an intimate experience tailored to your needs and desires. You want to hang out and snuggle on the couch? Get out and about, anything from a long walk or gym session, to an informal date or gathering? Got something fancy on the cards and want an eye catching, striking chaperone, with the staunchest of Alpha frames? I'm your guy and happy to weave my spell for you xo

Meet-and-greet - 1 hour, $100
Informal hang out - $400/hour
Formal occasion - $500/hour
Intimate experience - $600/hour
Enhanced Intimate experience - $2200/4 hours

Outcall only.
All service requirements by negotiation.
Meet-and-greet payment credited toward any follow up booking.
Second hour free on first booking for intimate experience.
Subsequent hours discounted by negotiation.

Feel free to (text only) via mobile or WhatsApp or e-mail for bookings and enquiries.

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